About Shelly Beach Lodge

We provide a home away from home with every wonderful meals to suit all. A lovely sunny warm home with views over the city and harbour. Shelly Beach Lodge is a home, not purpose built facility, we are a small family working together to give the best quality of care for our residents which we believe is the most important thing at this stage in their lives. We make sure that they are not just well looked after but cherised each day. We make sure that they do not just simply smile each day but feels loved and appreciated each moment.
We have a lovely outdoor area with raised flower and vege gardens, walkways, and a seating area for our family visits, summer BBQ’s, and Christmas parties.
We have an Activity Programme which includes daily walks (weather permitting) newspaper readings, gardening, cooking, exercises to music, arts and crafts, bowling, ball games, bingo, karaoke and word games. We also have a weekly outing and a regular entertainer.



The company was founded 29 June, 2010 and is named Shelly Beach Aged Care Services Limited, trading as Shelly Beach Lodge, and is situated at 19 Shelly Beach Rd, St Mary’s Bay.

This facility is licensed for 14 residents. We care for residents with the aim of maintaining or restoring maximum independence in their functions of daily living. We deliver quality, holistic care incorporating a strong sense of empathy, dignity and regard to individual rights, needs and wishes without discriminating against race, religious or sexual beliefs.

We provide a homelike and safe environment for each resident and facilitate and assist the resident’s social, spiritual, cultural and recreational needs.

We employ full-time and part-time staff some of which are registered nurses, enrolled nurses and caregivers with or without RCA qualifications.

Staff is given ongoing in-house education (mostly through Careerforce).

We are committed to providing Quality Care and service with an emphasis on maintaining a strong sense of dignity and independence for residents with varying physical and/or intellectual challenges.

We believe that all care and service must be delivered with compassion, professionalism and empathy and within the practice of Quality Assurance.



The Building

Toilets and showers are near to all the bedrooms. The facility is appropriately maintained to keep it in a safe, clean and pleasant state.

The rooms are all single with heaters, call bells, hand basins, wardrobes, bedside lighting and pleasant furniture. We encourage residents to personalize their rooms with pictures, ornaments and furniture as space permits.
Items that people have had for a long time often help people with dementia recognize their own room e.g. wedding photos, arm chairs, pictures. All client rooms have heaters in them so there is no need for clients to bring their own.


There is easy access from the inside to outside areas therefore the likelihood of falls and accidents are greatly reduced. Showers, toilets and bathrooms all have handrails to assist clients and to make them feel secure. It is impossible however to totally prevent falls or accidents and still live with our philosophy. We comply with the Health and Safety Act and have identified hazards in and around the facility that could occur. (please ask copy if you like to know which hazards we have identified) We have procedures in place to minimize any risks. Our staff is well trained in the use of all equipment in relationship to persons with disabilities. Staff are given on going training in all aspects of dealing with the elderly client to provide a safe and secure environment. All electric equipment MUST be tested prior to being used in the facility.


Fire Safety

We are connected to the Fire Service. We have an evacuation plan, which has been approved by the Fire Service. Fire drills are organised at least every 6 months. We have sprinklers and smoke alarms installed. We have a current building Warrant of Fitness as required by the Building Act 1991. This indicates that all fire safety and monitoring systems, fighting equipment and all facilities with disabilities met the requirements of the 1991 Act.



For the health and safety of both residents and staff, we have a NO SMOKING policy within the grounds and building.



At night all external doors are locked as required for staff and residents safety. In case of resident’s wandering we will assess the need for a safe tracking device.


Staff Profiles

We provide specialist care for older people who have been assessed for needing dementia specialised care/interventions. Staff are supervised by RN’s, receive appropriate training and have competencies tested ensuring that care is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Suliana Toki
Activities Coordinator / Senior HCA

Karuna Choy
Cook /Senior HCA

Rebecca McClutchie
Cook /Senior HCA

Nidaliva Dolligas
Senior HCA

Pearl Arendain

Alberto Henriet

Racquel Cortez

Mateus Serra

Training includes:

  • Dementia/age related psychiatric disabilities-types, causes, symptoms, effects. Addressing the issues relating to dementia/age related psychiatric disabilities including: Communication, challenging behaviours, sexuality and dementia, continence, safe environment, grief and loss associated with dementia.
  • Appropriate activities and therapies.


Activities Coordinator responsible for the daily programme is appropriate experienced and receives ongoing training relevant to size and setting of our facility. She is currently completing her qualification as a Diversional Therapist through Careerforce.

  • The activities for our residents promote quality of life and minimises difficult behaviours.
  • Each resident is assessed to determine their individual requirements.
  • Each resident’s 24 hour care plan has a description of the activities that meet their needs in relation to diversional, motivational and recreational therapy. These activities reflect the resident’s former routines and activities that are still familiar to the resident.
  • Each staff member who provides care to the resident is informed about the resident’s care plan in relation to diversional, motivational and recreational therapy.
  • There is a quiet, low stimulus room provided for the resident when privacy is required, in some cases the resident’s bedroom can be used.
  • There are additional nutritious snacks available over a 24 hour period for the resident to eat “on the run”.