Medical Services

We are certified to provide specialist care for older people who have been assessed for needing dementia specialised care/interventions.

People who have been assessed by a psychogeriatrician to have dementia, who are ambulant and have such disorders of behaviour that it is not possible for them to be accommodated elsewhere.

Remember we are a specialist dementia unit.

We cater for permanent care of both privately paying as well as subsidized clients. We also cater for Carer Relief Stays.



A doctor attends regularly and the cost of the doctor’s visits is included in the fee for subsidised residents. Should, however, the Resident prefer his or her own doctor, then extra costs shall be met by the Resident directly. If the Resident retains his or her own doctor, then that doctor should be prepared to attend in the case of an emergency.

Our General practitioner visits regularly and, if the GP approves, you will be seen at least every three months but more often when required.

Should urgent medical attention be required at night or during the weekend, then the on call doctor from House Call Services will attend.

If relatives have something to discuss regarding the care of their family member please arrange an appointment through the registered nurse or manager.



Specialist Appointments

On occasion it may be necessary for the Resident to attend specialist, x-ray, medical centre, dentist, hospital and other appointments.

We encourage families to continue to take their relatives to these appointments as it is important that your loved one has company while waiting for their appointment.



The nursing care is overseen by our Registered Nurse who is qualified and has extensive experience. She/he co ordinates the holistic care of the resident between all parties.

Medications are controlled by competent staff and kept to a minimum through consultation with our doctors and pharmacist.
They are strictly monitored to ensure that medication is administered safely and correctly.If you are aware of over the counter or alternative medicines being used please inform staff about these as they could have an influence on prescribed medications.

Social Workers

Should any resident require the services of a social worker, this can be arranged.



Additional Services
(see later in this information for more specific details.)

From time to time we arrange additional services for the Resident, such as hair dressing, podiatry and outings. Where the cost of these additional services is not included in the fee it shall be met by the Resident directly. An indemnity will need to be signed for the Resident to participate in outings.


Your mail will be delivered to you each day. Posting of mail can be done for you.

Spiritual and cultural needs

We will assist residents who want to attend church services. Church volunteers are invited to visit residents and bring in communion for residents who wish to receive.
Kaumatua are welcome to conduct a prayer meeting for interested residents.


A podiatrist attends to any podiatry needs of the residents. Charges are very reasonable


Physiotherapist service will be organised if prescribed by GP.


Attends to the hairdressing needs of the resident. Charges are very reasonable.

Client advocacy

All client/family/whanau who wish to obtain the services of an advocate at any time will be referred to the Health Advocacy Service or local Age Concern.


If you have difficulties understanding any written documents or verbal conversation, we will be happy to arrange an interpreter.


Security of Personal Possessions

The management recommends that money is not left with residents. While we do not wish to take away the individuals independence and ability to deal with their money, we will not be responsible for any money that may go missing.

People with dementia or some level of memory loss often hide money in a “safe” place, they might forget where they hid it and then could accuse others of stealing it.

Articles of value, such as jewelry should not be left with residents who may not be able to look after such items. We will not be responsible for any articles of value that go missing.
Articles of value should be kept by family/whanau or the clients advocate.

The facility and its staff shall not be liable for any theft, loss or damage to the Resident’s property. All items should be clearly labelled.



We wash all residents clothing but prior to entry we ask that all clothing is clearly named. Laundry Marker pens for marking clothes can be purchased at most stationery shops but printed labels sewn on is a far more satisfactory method.


Recreational Activities Program

We believe that by keeping the mind and body active, a better quality of life is maintained. Entertainment, recreation and activities based on ability are facilitated for that purpose. A wide range of activities are provided.


Services for Residents

  • 24-hour nursing care (caregiving)
  • Activity programmes
  • All meals
  • All personal laundry (but not dry-cleaning)
  • Support for relatives and friends
  • Registered Nurse input and supervision + 24 hour on call.
  • 1-3 monthly and when clinically indicated doctor’s visits.
  • 24 hour doctor on call. Extra visits requested by residents/relatives.*
  • Activity Therapy
  • Access to religious personnel
  • Supervision and transport to appointments as necessary
  • Personal shopping for those whose family are unable.
  • Dressings and supplies used in treatments. These will be of an appropriate standard.
  • Continence management products that are of an appropriate standard to meet the assessed needs of each Subsidized Resident, as set out in the Care Plan.


  • Activity Therapist
  • Handcrafts, games, music, supervised walk/outings
  • Magazines, Books and photo albums
  • Visiting singer/entertainers
  • Concerts*
  • Celebrations, I.e. Birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • Bus trips*
  • Church and other community facilities.
  • Listening to music
  • Watching TV and videos